• Do You Make This Simple Mistake In Diamond Cutting Disc?

    Do You Make This Simple Mistake In Diamond Cutting Disc?

    Do you guys think diamond cutting disc are always Severely worn is becase the quality of the saw blades is bad ? NO! In fact, this is because the saw blades are installed backwards when the machine is installed, resulting in serious tooth beating. “the tooth beating”,means when the saw blades ar...
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  • What You Need To Know About Using Diamond Stone Cutting Blades?

    What You Need To Know About Using Diamond Stone Cutting Blades?

    we all know that in the process of cutting stone, different properties of stones can affects the efficiency of the diamond saw blade. The particle size of diamond determines the number of particles per carat, the larger the particle size number, the more particles per carat. Since the number of d...
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  • Semi-annual meeting of 2022

    On July 15th, we held semi-annual meeting of 2022. Chairman Mr. Robin made a semi-annual work report emphasis on stabilizing the basic foreign trade and summarized the overall business performance of the first half year. Andy Wang pointed out that the Russia-Ukraine crisis has brought great losse...
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  • The 2021 Annual Work Conference

    The 2021 Annual Work Conference

    On January 4th, 2022, Sichuan Machinery’ summary and commendation and 2022 business meeting was held at Shuangliu, Chengdu. A total of 36 senior managers, 220 employees from Sichuan Machinery headquarters and holding companies attended the meeting. All cadres and employees of the company held a b...
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  • 130th Canton Fair

    130th Canton Fair

    China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, was established in 1957, it has been held for many years and never stop. As a response to the global pandemic of coronavirus since 2020, the Canton Fair has been successfully held online for 3 sessions. On Oct.14th-19th, 2021. The 130th...
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  • Semi Annual Team Building Activities

    2021, It is a tough year for all of us. It is a whole year since the pandemic started. Someone had lost much, families, fortune, placid life. Our team firmly believes all will be better if we have empathy, mercies, and creed for the people who suffer the pain. Our compan...
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  • The 2021 Semi Annual Meeting

    The 2021 Semi Annual Meeting

    CEO, Mr. Robin, vice general manager Mr. Andy and all department managers, general affairs department members and all sales staffs attended the conference. The agenda including CEO speaking, department manager speaking and each staff speaking, statement by chairman of head Office and final summar...
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  • The 130th Canton Fair

    The 130th Canton Fair

    The 130th Canton Fair will be held both online and offline for five days (October 15 to 19). 16 product categories in 51 sections will be displayed. The onsite exhibition area reaches about 400,000 square meters, with brand enterprises as the main exhibitors, focusing on creating high-quality bra...
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  • 10th Anniversary

    10th Anniversary

    On Jan. 13th ,2021, we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary. Before dinner and show, Mr. Robin Luo(CEO) shared a brief history of the company, thanking all the staff and recognizing their long-term loyalty, support and contributions to the company’s ongoing success.10 ye...
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  • 129th Online Canton Fair

    129th Online Canton Fair

    The 129th Canton Fair was held from Oct. 14th-19th, 2020. Affected by the COVID epidemic, the 129th Canton Fair was only allowed to be held online. The Canton Fair is the most important import and export trade fair in China. The functions of the online Canton Fair have b...
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  • The 127th edition of the Canton Fair

    The 127th edition of the Canton Fair

    The China Import and Export Fair —- Canton Fair is the largest biannual China trade fairs, canton trade fairs, China trade shows of any kind and held in Guangzhou.  Canton Fair is the most effective way to develop the business relationships you need to succeed in China. It’s no wonder...
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